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Inspiring Northern Gardeners Since 1985

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West Coast Seeds

WCS Vegetables

Squash WCS

Peas WCS

Lettuce WCS

Carrots WCS

Beans WCS

Tomatoes WCS

WCS Herbs

WCS Flowers

Sunflowers WCS

Marigolds WCS

Aimers International Vegetable Seeds

Cauliflower AIS

Bean AIS

Amaranth AIS

Parsley Herb AIS

Tomato AIS

Squash AIS

Rhubarb AIS

Peas AIS

Mustard Greens AIS

Lettuce AIS

Aimers Organic Seeds

Vegetable Seeds AOS

Watermelon AOS

Tomato AOS

Cherry AOS

Squash AOS


Okra AOS

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Cantaloupe AOS

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Herb Seeds AOS

Thyme AOS

Sage AOS

Oregano AOS

Dill AOS

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Culinary Herb Blend AOS

Flower Bulbs


Oriental Lily

Fragrant, hardy and easy to grow, oriental lilies flower in mid to late summer.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are elegant and easy to grow in containers. They prefer cooler conditions and so grow best in part sun. Dig corms in fall after the first hard frost and store indoors in a cool, dark location.

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies come in a wide range of colors and sizes. For those concerned about allergies or heavy fragrance, asiatic lilies are not fragrant.


Easy to grow gladiolas make excellent cut flowers. Dig tender corms after first fall frost and winter indoors in a cool, dark place.


Dahlias have some of the most stunning geometric blossoms, coming in a glorious range of colours and flower forms.These plants tend to grow quite large and are best suited to growing in ground or 16" diameter containers (or bigger).Dig dahlia tubers after the first hard frost and store indoors in a cool, dark location. 

Fringed Dahlia

Dahlias with spiky, spider-like blossoms.

Super Novelty Begonia

These super novelty, shade-loving beauties have large and ruffled flowers. Grow begonias in containers or hanging baskets.These tender tubers need to be overwintered indoors in a cool, dark location.

Seed Potatoes

Soils & Amendments

Potting soils and mixes for all of your indoor and outdoor gardening needs, including organic options.Soil amendments include steer manure, mushroom compost and fish soil.View the seed starting supplies for seeding soils.

Seed Starting Supplies

Your seed starting supplies including: pots, inserts/trays, humidity domes, seed starting soils/growing media, and Plant ID markers.

Grow Lights

Grow light kits, lights, heat mats, and other accessories for starting seedlings, growing microgreens, or giving your house plants extra light in the darker months.

Heat Mats

Heat mats are seed-starting game changers! They warm the trays and pots from below, germinating seeds in a fraction of the time that it normally takes.They are a must for seeds that are slow or reluctant to germinate.

Greenhouses & Bed Kits

Greenhouses for outdoor use and portable raised beds.See seed starting supplies for humidity domes.

Outdoor Containers

Outdoor Ceramics

Hanging Baskets & Accessories

Extension Hooks

Assorted length hooks for lowering your hanging baskets. Also great for hanging hummingbird feeders.


Choose from our various hanging basket sizes and materials.

Deco Rock, Moss & More

Fairy Garden

Garden Decor

Garden Statues

Fertilizers & Supplements

Give your plants a nutrient boost with fertilizer. We also have organic options!Fertilizers come in various formats, including:water-soluble (a powder which you mix with water)liquid (like water-soluble, but already partially diluted in water)granular (or powder)spikeSupplements are helpful for changing soil pH or correcting specific nutrient deficiencies.


Nutrient supplements to correct nutrient deficiencies or adjust soil pH to improve plant's nutrient uptake.

Pest & Disease Control

Products for controlling and preventing pest problems on indoor plants, vegetable garden and other outdoor plants. This includes:Sprays & aerosolsPest deterrent devicesNettings and barriersBeneficial insect homes

Watering Products

Hoses, quick connects, watering wands, sprayers, sprinklers, watering cans, timers and DIY Drip irrigation system components.

Drip Irrigation

DIY Irrigation System components


Plant Support